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Family centered in Deansgate, Manchester 1822. We are seeking any and all descendants of Patrick GAHAN, a tailor, bc 1787-1799 in Ireland, and his wife Mary Ann, nee WILLIAMSON. Work on Irish resources has already been carried out. We are particularly interested in locating descendants of Elizabeth GAHAN who married John HOLMES in Eccles, Lancashire during 1840. She was Patrick GAHAN's first child. Thank you.


Interested in locating descendants of James BOYD and Mary Jane McMULLAN married 18 Aug 1862 in Skerry Parish, Ballymena, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, or other information concerning this couple and any children they may have had. Thank you.


Interested in locating descendants of Samuel Robert WILSON and Nellie BARCLAY married 2 Sep 1924 in Toronto, Ontario or other information concerning this couple and any children they may have had. Thank you.

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