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Are you looking for an online course on a particular genealogy-related topic?  Perhaps you are wanting to find an organized program of courses to give you a strong understanding of family history research.  You are in the right place! Welcome to Ancestry Solution's learning portal.

With an online genealogy course, it is not where you live that makes a difference, it's what you want to learn.  We offer short topic-focused online courses covering a diverse range of genealogy-related subjects.    Study in your own time.  Or, enjoy the assistance of an expert instructor and interaction with fellow students in our private Ancestor Hunters Facebook group.

As you know, I am a professional genealogist, archives professional and subject expert with many decades of research and teaching experience.

Want to know about what the different types of courses are? Visit the Self-Guided and Instructor-led types of courses pages. Want help choosing? Visit Choosing your first course. You may also want to visit our FAQs page.

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Self-Guided Learning

Anytime courses have no formal start date and no tutor. You simply buy your course then you can start immediately, working at your own pace. These courses are well-suited for those who prefer flexibility in their learning journey, have busy schedules, or are self-motivated and independent learners. These courses are especially beneficial for those seeking to acquire knowledge or skills on specific topics without committing to fixed time lines or structured class schedules. You are free to jump around the courses.

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Live Courses

Instructor-led courses last 4-6 weeks, have a set start date, weekly "live" lessons, and two "live" Q & A sessions. These courses offer several advantages, including personalized instruction, opportunities for immediate clarification of doubts, and the ability to tailor the learning experience to meet your needs. Additionally, you will gain valuable insights, practical examples, and real-world applications to enhance your understanding and retention of the course content.

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DNA Courses

Our DNA courses typically cover various aspects of genetics, genomics, and genealogy related to DNA analysis and interpretation. The courses range from introductory to advanced levels. These courses are offered in various formats, including online tutorials, interactive workshops, self-paced modules, and in-person seminars or conferences. They are designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and resources you need to integrate DNA analysis into your family history research.

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